Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.


  • çAHonda 0 Series Concept Saloon

    Honda reveals futuristic ‘0 Series’ concepts


    Honda’s new Saloon and Space-Hub concepts preview a new line of electric vehicles 

  • Honda eN2 concept .06.48

    Honda debuts new design language with e:N2 concept

    2022-11-07T12:44:00+00:00By Freddie Holmes

    The e:N2 previews what may be a China-only model and displays new folded paper exterior design

  • 07 2024 Honda Prologue Styling Reveal

    Honda brings in electric era with Prologue SUV

    2022-10-11T08:56:00+01:00By Freddie Holmes

    New images of the Prologue SUV offer an insight into Honda’s next generation of electric cars

  • Acura Precision EV featured image NYC

    Acura previews electric future with Precision EV concept


    Car Design News was at the east coast reveal of the Acura Precision EV concept, a hint at where the brand is headed in the not-so-distant future 

  • 05 2023 Honda Civic Type R

    No surprises as Civic Type R goes performance first

    2022-08-02T08:36:00+01:00By Freddie Holmes

    Honda’s aggressively styled Civic Type-R hatchback stays true to form, with flared arches, blood red bucket seats and a menacing new face

  • Honda Prologue Teaser Sketch

    Honda previews polished Prologue electric SUV


    Honda’s new all-electric SUV will bring a new level of refinement and design sophistication to its portfolio

  • 01 2022 Honda Passport TrailSport HERO

    Honda adds trim and redesign extras to Passport


    The new 2022 Honda Passport features a cleaner front end, and there is a new trim to choose from

  • Honda e HERO

    Driven: Honda e


    Although still a relatively rare sight, the Honda e looks at home in the city. But what happens when you get it out in the countryside, and can it climb mountains? Michael Nash takes the small EV on a road trip around Wales

  • HERO Honda Civic Sedan Touring

    Honda reveals simplified and sophisticated Civic


    The new Honda Civic design shows that less really can result in more

  • Honda "simplicity and something" interior sketch

    Honda creative lead unveils new interior design philosophy


    Simplicity in design is at the heart of the new philosophy that will govern Honda’s interiors

  • Honda HR-V HERO

    Honda smoothes over the new HR-V


    The latest Honda HR-V is far less aggressive than the previous model, as the team opts for a clean and simple design

  • cdn-honda-e-dash

    HMI walk through: Honda E head unit, digital mirrors and instrument cluster

    2020-01-22T10:28:00+00:00Sponsored by

    Honda’s all electric E has gained high praise for its refreshing and user-centric design. This includes its interior UX of course, which Screens review for you in their latest video

  • CDN_IM_A19_Honda E_s1-_164721_Honda_experience_Casa_Connessa_Tortona_brings_connected_lifestyle_to_Milan

    Interior Motives: Honda E


    From the Automn 2019 issue of Interior Motives: Honda gives us the interior design development story of its pivotal new electric car, called simply the ‘e’.

  • *Honda e prototype - front 3 4 L driving

    Design Driven – Honda e prototype


    Honda’s Urban EV’s showroom car is nearly ready. That won’t be unveiled until the Frankfurt motor show, so we took the near-production protoype for a design drive

  • 20190305_124242.jpg

    Geneva 2019: IED-Honda TOMO


    Cute concept based on the e prototype’s aesthetic

  • IMG_3497.jpg

    Geneva 2019: Honda e Prototype


    Honda’s evolved EV spearheads a serious push for electrification

  • IED Torino to display Honda EV concept in Geneva


    IED’s ‘TOMO’ EV created in partnership with Honda Design

  • Honda Urban EV Concept - Front 3_4.jpg

    Honda teases updated Urban EV ahead of Geneva debut


    Much-adored concept car is almost ready for production

  • _mg_8089

    CES 2018: Honda’s robotic electric dreams

    2018-01-10T03:32:00+00:00By Chris Maillard

    Much AI, and a swappable battery system

  • Flesby-01.jpg

    CCotW: Honda PUYO (2007)


    Honda’s glowing, squishy pet for urban transport may yet find new relevance

  • Tokyo 2017: Honda expands its EV range


    A coupé brother for Honda’s sharp EV

  • Honda Urban EV Concept - Front 3_4.jpg

    Frankfurt 2017: Honda Urban EV Concept


    Retro preview of a future EV turns on the 'kawaii' charm

  • 1999 Honda S2000 Starter button

    2017-03-22T10:55:51+00:00By JJ Katsianis

    A small but well-styled detail on the Japanese Boxster

  • New Car: 2017 Honda Odyssey


    A nice teaser sketch for Honda's MPV update

  • Honda Previews AI Vehicle

    2016-12-06T10:05:04+00:00By Chris Maillard

    The boxy NeuV is due to be launched at CES in January

  • New Car: Honda WR-V

    2016-11-09T11:53:22+00:00By Car Design News

    Reflecting the importance of Latin America to global carmakers, Honda has developed the WR-V in Brazil

  • Honda Micro Commuter 1

    Honda’s MC-Beta EV becomes a commercial van with Kabuku’s 3D printed body

    2016-10-12T16:09:18+01:00By Tom Phillips

    Repurposing project shows potential future for mainstream 3D printing

  • LA 2015: Honda makes your dreams go up in smoke

    2015-11-18T19:54:32+00:00By Tom Phillips

    Show stand features smoke-ring cannons. What’s not to like?

  • LA 2015: 2016 Honda Civic is designed for a market in which more is more

    2015-11-18T19:05:02+00:00By Owen Ready

    You might not like it but its target audience almost certainly will

  • Honda Project 24 Design Development 01

    Design Development: Honda Project 2&4 concept

    2015-11-12T13:56:19+00:00By Nick Hull

    How Honda blended two and four-wheeler design for its Frankfurt show star

  • Tokyo 2015: Honda Grom 50 Concept One is a baby Ducati Scrambler

    2015-10-28T06:17:20+00:00By Tom Phillips

    Tiny off-road bike concept makes you want to jump on a take a ride

  • 2016 Honda Civic Sedan 01

    New Car: Honda Civic (2016)


    Sedan the first of a new, global line-up for Honda's tenth-generation Civic

  • Honda 2Plus4 1

    Frankfurt 2015: Honda Project 2&4 is the epitome of 'car as machine'

    2015-09-15T11:36:21+01:00By Owen Ready

    Car and 'bike come together to create a new experience

  • Honda 24 01

    New Car: Honda Project 2&4 concept

    2015-09-09T16:49:16+01:00By Tom Phillips

    Winner of annual global design contest is 'bike meets car' concept

  • Honda Pilot prototype


    This is a show car preview of a production eight-seat SUV that will sit above the more svelte CRV in the Honda line-up.

  • Honda Accord


    This latest Accord for Europe is very much an evolution of the previous design, with elements of the new Civic added.

  • Honda WOW concept


    This is the Honda Wonderful Open hearted Wagon; the Honda Wow, a concept orientated around travelling in the car with your pet dog.

  • Honda Sports4 concept


    The Sports 4 is a study for a future Accord-sized sedan that showcases Honda's Super Handling All-Wheel Drive drivetrain, as used on the new Legend.

  • Honda FCX concept


    The FCX concept centres around displaying Honda's latest fuel cell technology in a 4.7meter premium car with an exceptionally spacious interior.

  • Honda View Suspended


    We were going to report on the new three door Honda Civic, but the design is very close to the five door launched last year and View Suspended is a more interesting debut shown on the Honda stand.

  • Honda Civic 3-door Type-R concept


    Because the five door Civic was such a radical departure from the previous generation Civic and other European C-sector cars, the three door doesn't deliver quite as one might expect, being not very different.

  • Honda Step Bus


    The Step Bus is an unusual concept; it uses the main structure and exterior form of the super small Japanese kei-class market Acty van (which means it is just 1475mm wide and 3395mm long) and has a tiny three cylinder engine mounted below the floor just ahead of the rear ...

  • Honda Remix


    The Remix is a very small 2+2 sports coupe concept designed by Ben Davidson under Dave Marek, Chief Designer of Honda R&D Americas.Dave explained to Car Design News that the original idea to produce a small sports coupe came from within the studio and that work on the concept started ...

  • Honda Accord Coupe


    Honda showed the Accord Coupe Concept (ACC) at the North American International Auto Show.

  • Honda OSM


    This was the only new concept at the British Motor Show from a volume manufacturer.

  • Honda Small Hybrid Sports


    Honda are using the Geneva Show to showcase their ideas on environment and ecology, hence the trio of cars shown: the new F1 car, the FCX hybrid concept from Tokyo Show and the new SHS concept.

  • Honda Insight


    Honda love recycling old model names and applying them to new cars - and the Insight is the latest example.

  • Honda FC Sport concept


    The FC Sport was the only significant concept car debut at LA. According to Dave Marek, Chief Designer of the Advanced Design studio where the concept was designed, the decision to display the car in LA was a late one from Honda and the car was done on a very ...

  • Honda Insight


    From April 2009, the 2010 Honda Insight aims to start stealing environmentally focused customers from the Toyota Prius with prices set below that car and the current Honda Civic Hybrid.

  • Honda Accord Tourer


    With a new European Honda Accord due to be announced soon, the Accord Tourer Concept presented at Frankfurt demonstrates in core theme and form the exterior design of the production estate car.

  • Honda Fit


    The new 2008 Honda Fit (Jazz in Europe) is a good example of how to update a car without losing the essential character that made it so successful first time around.

  • Honda CR-Z


    This is the third version of a new CR-X successor that Honda have shown lately and is much closer to production-ready in style than the Remix or Hybrid Sports concepts shown earlier.

  • Honda Puyo


    The concept behind the Puyo was to create a 'Seamless Soft Box' form that is kind to both people and the environment, with the feel of an adorable pet.

  • Honda FCX Clarity


    The FCX concept shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show and the Kiwami concept shown before it (Tokyo, 2003) were both designed around their fuel-cell powertrains running through the center tunnel. The FCX Clarity is a new production design that stems directly from these two cars: it also features a ...

  • Honda U3-X


    It may not be a car, but Honda's U3-X was one of the most impressive concepts at the show.

  • Honda StepWagon


    Honda last week released the latest in their family MPV line, the Stepwagon, for the Japanese domestic market.

  • Honda CR-Z 2009


    Small, affordable, and sportiness with heritage: the concept behind the CR-Z is unarguable and here moves one step closer to production. First shown in Tokyo two years ago, this year's model is much better resolved and largely what we'll see on the streets in Spring, aside from the front-clip, there ...

  • Honda EV-N


    The EV -N is a sub three-meter fully electric four-seat city car intended as part of a future Zero Emission system incorporating the U3-X personal mobility device, EV Cub and EV Monpal.

  • Honda Skydeck


    It may be called the Skydeck for show’s sake, but underneath the concept car makeover is Honda’s next Stream, the brand’s mid-sized MPV for Japan and formerly the European market.

  • Honda Accord Crosstour


    The Crosstour is based on the same platform as the Acura ZDX that we covered at the New York Auto Show when it debuted in near production form earlier this year.

  • Honda P-NUT


    This design is dominated by its mono-space theme that tapers in plan forwards to reflect its arrow-head three seat configuration.

  • Honda CR-Z


    It's understandable to be confused given the number of similar-looking concepts shown over the last three years but Detroit 2010 finally saw the global production unveil of the Honda CR-Z coupe.

  • Honda 3R-C


    The 3-RC is a single seat, three-wheeled, zero emission urban concept vehicle which occupies the space between a car and a motorbike. Overall form is dictated by the seating position of its rider - similar to that of a scooter rider, with feet forwards and knees together.

  • Honda opens new Silicon Valley R&D facility to help accelerate tech innovation

    2015-08-04T16:30:51+01:00By Tom Phillips

    Event coincides with the launch of Honda Xcelerator initiative

  • Honda Odyssey


    Revealed at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year, this is the first time we had a chance to see the Odyssey concept in the metal.

  • Honda Civic Si concept


    The Honda Civic Si concept unveiled at the 2011 NAIAS previews the ninth generation of the model, which is set to go on sale in the US this spring. Shown in coupe and sedan form, the vehicles showcase a new interpretation of Honda's 'one motion, one form' design language, which ...

  • Honda Accord - European and Asian model

    2015-07-01T13:51:39+01:00By Sam Livingstone

    October 30, 2002 - This is the 7th generation European Honda Accord. It was announced in saloon form at the recent Paris Motor Show, the estate version more recently, and both variants will be available in Europe early next year.

  • First details on 2003 Honda Accord


    July 30, 2002 - American Honda Motor Co. have released the first official photos and information on its all new 2003 Accord model which goes on sale early in September in the United States.

  • New Honda Advanced Design Studio in Milan

    2015-06-18T09:05:34+01:00By Giancarlo Perini

    Segno Milano S.r.l. is the latest car design studio to open in Milan, not too far from the Mercedes-Benz studio that is already active in Como. The mission of Segno Milano is to look at all sorts of trends, fashion and life style of the metropolis and to produce advanced ...

  • Honda Model X concept vehicle to debut at Detroit Auto Show


    Dec 7, 2000 - A new Honda concept vehicle called "Model X" will debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Honda America announced today.

  • Honda Stream MPV


    Honda today announced a new concept in compact MPVs when it unveiled the Honda Stream for the Japanese market.

  • New Honda Civic to debut at Paris Motor Show


    Sep 13, 2000 - The name remains the same, but as far as the new Civic is concerned that’s just about the only link with previous generations of Honda’s most successful car in Europe.

  • Honda Civic Type-S


    Ten months after the launch of the five-door Civic comes the latest three-door version, to be unveiled as the Type-S in London later this month. Styling changes between the Type-S and five-door model are limited, though its suspension has been tuned for a more sporting drive. Most noticeable outside is ...

  • Honda Stream


    Honda has announced the release of their new Stream in Japan, a compact MPV with seven seats. Like the outgoing model, the architecture allows a low floor to bring the roofline down to 1545mm - which also benefits parking in the country's stacked mechanical lots.

  • HondaJet


    Honda has announced that sales have begun of the HondaJet, their entry into the growing Very Light Jet market.

  • Honda Accord Coupe


    For the first time Honda will publicly present an Accord concept car.

  • Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept


    Accurately described by the name, Honda will be unveiling a hybrid coupe at the Geneva Motor Show in March, designed by their satellite studio outside Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Honda Crossroad


    Honda is selling a new car in Japan, the Crossroad, which despite measuring just 4285mm long manages to fit in seven seats over three rows.

  • Honda Accord (US market)


    This is a significant new production design; the Accord is off and on the best selling sedan in North America.

  • Honda Accord Tourer concept


    Though lacking an interior, Honda's Accord Tourer previews an imminent new sports wagon from the automaker. View more photos and read our opinions of the car in our Frankfurt Motor Show Highlights section.

  • Honda CR-Z concept


    Honda's CR-Z concept is the latest in a series of lightweight two-seater sportscar concepts revealed by the automaker in recent years. According to the Japanese design team, CR-Z stands for Compact Renaissance - Zero, a testament to the ultimate environmental goal pursued by the company, yet also hinting at the ...

  • Honda Puyo concept


    Honda has chosen to name its innovative new city car concept Puyo, a Japanese word that is meant to convey all that is warm and friendly, and embodies the tactile traits of this unique car. Representing a new idea in mobility, the concept brings together the principals of clean, safety ...

  • Honda Fit


    Honda has announced it will begin sales of the Honda Fit (known as Jazz in Europe) in Japan today. The popular small car retains all its best features - class leading economy, cabin space to rival mid-sized sedans, and easy maneuverability - yet has been updated with some subtle design ...

  • Honda FCX Clarity


    The FCX concept shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show and the Kiwami concept (Tokyo, 2003) were both designed around their fuel-cell powertrains running through the center tunnel.

  • Honda Pilot concept


    A prototype of the next-generation Honda Pilot will be unveiled at the NAIAS in January.

  • Honda Pilot concept


    Honda has just unveiled its Pilot prototype at the 2008 NAIAS, previewing the next generation small SUV scheduled to debut in Spring 2008.

  • Honda Accord (Europe)


    This is Honda's all new European-market Accord, targeting established premium contenders in the D-segment. Set to be offered in both sedan and Tourer (wagon) versions, the new car will make its debut at the Geneva Auto Show next month.

  • Honda Racer


    The Honda Racer, a car designed by Honda's advanced design studio in Torrance, California, has just hit the streets. But you can't drive it. That's because it is actually a 1/64th scale Hot Wheels toy car that was selected to be produced as part of the Hot Wheels Designer's Challenge ...

  • Honda Freed


    Honda has released a new compact minivan, the Freed, in the Japanese market. Honda claims that this new mini passenger carrier - which comes in three different trim levels and five, seven and eight-seater configurations - combines an easy-to-use, spacious cabin with stylish design.

  • Honda OSM concept preview


    This is the latest image of a new low-emission, lightweight sports car concept Honda will unveil at the London Motor Show later this month. According to the company, the two-seat roadster aims to couple sleek looks with exciting driving dynamics and more efficient engine technology for lower exhaust emissions.

  • Honda OSM concept


    As we reported earlier this month, Honda has revealed its latest concept at the British Motor Show. The lightweight two-seat roadster was developed around the 'clean and dynamic' theme - a direction followed for both the exterior and interior design.

  • Honda Insight concept


    Honda’s new 'affordable’ hybrid has broken cover, in the form of the Insight concept set to debut at the Paris Motor Show next month.

  • Honda City


    Honda has started selling the third generation City in Thailand, a small notchback based on the mechanicals of the new Jazz/Fit hatchback. While the previous City was tall and had awkward proportions, the new model looks much better proportioned.

  • VIDEO: Honda FC Sport concept


    Honda unveiled its vision for the future of transport at the LA Auto Show today with the FC Sport concept. The three-seat, hydrogen fuel cell-powered design study was created at the Japanese manufacturer's Advanced Design Studio in Pasadena, CA.

  • Honda Insight


    This is the first image of the US version of Honda's production Insight hybrid, scheduled to make its world debut in January 2009 at the NAIAS in Detroit.

  • Honda Skydeck concept (w/ Gallery)


    Honda has revealed a six-seater hybrid MPV concept called the Skydeck. The company is set to unveil the innovative design study at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

  • Honda EV-N concept (w/ Gallery)


    Another vehicle Honda plans to unveil at the forthcoming Tokyo motor show is this all-electric EV-N concept, which pays homage to the company's microcar past.

  • Honda CR-Z concept (w/ Gallery)


    The successor to Honda's iconic CR-X is one step closer to its production debut, with the Japanese automaker set to display the latest version of its sporty hybrid concept at the Tokyo motor show. Called the CR-Z Concept 2009, it is the second version of the show car unveiled by ...

  • Honda P-NUT concept


    The forthcoming Los Angeles Auto Show will mark the debut of Honda's Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) concept, the company has revealed.

  • Honda P-NUT concept (w/ Video)


    Honda revealed the three seat P-NUT concept at the 2009 LA Auto Show. Designed at the company's Advanced Design Studios in Southern California, the P-NUT is the Japanese automaker's vision for the future of personal mobility.

  • Honda New Small Concept


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  • Honda CR-Z (w/ Video)


    After showcasing two concept cars under the CR-Z nameplate (in Tokyo in 2007 and again in 2009) Honda finally took the wraps off the production version at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

  • Honda 3R-C concept


    Honda's new 3R-C concept, a single seat battery-powered electric vehicle, is set to make its world debut at the Geneva motor show next week. It will take center stage at the stand alongside the EV-N show car, U3-X electric personal mobility vehicle and the FCX Clarity, the Japanese automaker's fuel-cell ...

  • Honda Odyssey


    Honda has unveiled its fourth generation North American market Odyssey mini van, set to go on sale this Fall. Previewed by the concept vehicle first show at this year's Chicago auto show and again at the New York auto show, the production model retains the design language and many of ...

  • Honda Brio


    Honda revealed the Brio prototype at the Thailand International Motor Show earlier this week. Conceived as a commuter vehicle for use in urban areas, the new Brio follows the New Small concept the Japanese automaker unveiled at Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi.

  • Honda Civic concept


    Detroit saw Honda debut two variants of its next generation Civic. Set to make their debuts in the North American market in the spring, the cars sport tighter, more aggressive styling with 'clean-yet-powerful' lines, according to the Japanese automaker.

  • Honda CR-V concept


    This is the first image of the Honda CR-V concept, a vehicle that previews the fourth generation CR-V expected to be revealed at the LA auto show in November.

  • Honda Civic


    Honda has released the first images of its new Civic ahead of its launch today at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show. The Civic's flowing exterior design is said to have been inspired by the ‘blended wing body' airplane, in which the wings and fuselage blend into one entity for improved ...

  • Honda Small Sports EV Concept


    Honda has released these renders of the Small Sports EV Concept it hopes will be the star of the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

  • Honda AC-X Concept


    The Honda AC-X plug-in hybrid sedan will form part of the company's seven concept vehicle strategy at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.